In general, when we start cooking, we first choose our dishes, then we say to ourselves: “What could we drink with that?” ". 

What if from time to time we did the opposite? What if we chose what we were going to eat based on what we wanted to drink? 

This is what we suggest you do with the wines from our selection of the month: a Pouilly Fuissé “les Menestrières” 2017 and a Nuits Saint Georges “Vieilles vignes” 2015. Let yourself be tempted by our suggestions for pairing with these wines: priority is given to Burgundian cuisine of course, but we also offer more surprising combinations.  

Pouilly Fuissé "les Menestrières" 2017 : a yellow gold color for this 2017 vintage. It is a fresh and subtle Pouilly-Fuissé with citrus notes: on the palate, the attack is frank and lemony with a nice sweetness. Beautiful volume and slightly oily appearance. Gourmet and fresh on the finish.

As for Burgundy specialties, you can pair it as a starter with frog legs or head cheese or enjoy it as an accompaniment to a Dijon-style veal chop or a Gaston Gérard-style chicken. For fish lovers you can choose a fillet of saithe in lemon butter sauce. You can also try a more exotic atmosphere with a Chinese fondue. Without forgetting the cheeses: this white wine can go perfectly well with a Comté.

Nuits Saint Georges “Vieilles vignes” 2015   : a ruby ​​color for this 2015 vintage. On the nose, the red fruits are bright and fresh. In the mouth, the tannins melt the longer it is stored. The aromas become more complex.

To be enjoyed with a Burgundy fondue (obviously!) or game such as wild boar bourguignon or even a roast duck. But for more originality you can also opt for bigos, Polish sauerkraut which goes very well with this Burgundian wine. 

You are spoiled for choice: so get to your kitchen to accompany our two wines of the month!