In the wine world, the month of January is of course, like everywhere, the time of wishes for the year which is beginning but above all it is the return of the oldest winemaking tradition with the celebration of Saint Vincent, the patron winegrowers.

Since the Middle Ages, each village has had a mutual aid society of religious origin created with the love of helping winegrowers who are sick or unable to take care of their vines: each member had to give a few hours free of charge of his working time .

In most villages, when there was a statue of the Patron Saint, it rotated: every year, on January 22, a winegrower family welcomed him for a year and received all the winegrowers, like today still in its vat room.

But in the 1930s, most of the Mutual Aid Societies no longer existed and the newly created Brotherhood of Knights of Tastevin decided to revive this tradition, the festival would go from village to village: the rotating Saint Vincent was born!

Last year due to the health crisis, Saint Vincent's Day planned in the villages of Corpeau, Puligny-Montrachet and Blany was postponed to 2022 and at the start of the year the pandemic forced the organizers to postpone it again. Let's hope for all the volunteers who have been preparing it for almost two years that nothing will disrupt the festivities this time because if all goes well by then, for the first time, we will celebrate Saint Vincent's Day in the spring: see you March 19 and 20!!!

We wish you the most exciting year 2022 possible, hoping that it will allow you great oenological discoveries!!!